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November 29, 2016

November 29, 2016

Hello Stakeholders!  It has been awhile since our last update but we have much to tell you now.

First, after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, today is Giving Tuesday!  We hope that you all will consider a small donation to the USECC to help with our expenses through 2017 with the majority being the expense of our website!  If everyone who receives this update gives $5, then that would help us out immensely!  Please click here to be directed to our "donate" page!  Thank you everyone and we hope that your holiday season brings you peace and joy.
Next, the Coalition, with the help of Oscar Delgado and others on the City Council have successfully obtained a ban of big trucks on Mira Loma once the SEC is built.  The Coalition has been working on this for quite some time and we are pleased that Mira Loma will not be a gateway for truck traffic to the SEC.  Pembroke has a sign already, however we are trying to meet with our County Commissioner Bob Lucey to work to make sure that limitation will be ongoing but alas, as usual, he does not return phone calls.  In months.

There was much going on in the late summer/early fall with the construction site and we will try and give you as much detail as we can.  So here goes, during the summer we found out several things not the least of which was that, we are sure you know, that they found human remains in the construction site and spent quite a few weeks sifting dirt in an area to see if there was any more.  Still waiting, but will probably not find out anything further with this as historical artifacts uncovered are kept secret as they want to keep looters from the site.  

Next, something else from a very good source which was eventually confirmed is that the section of the road on the Rosewood Lakes Golf Course was sinking. And not just a little bit.  Reports had it sinking up to 2-3 feet in several months. After some back and forth exchanges with RTC's Garth Oksol we found out that, of course this was expected and we had nothing to worry about as those with their engineering degrees were going to fix this minor problem and make everything well again!  So, first a very large trench was dug, then they packed it with large pieces of concrete from another Granite construction site (kill two birds with one stone, as you may know, Granite needs to save money wherever it can so it did not want to have to pay to dispose of some concrete if it could be used elsewhere!), buried it, drove trucks on it back and forth for months to pack it down, then put yellow markers between two telephone poles so they could see if the ground was still sinking, and oh by the way, the Corps told them they had to wait about 250 days to see if it settled before they could continue with their construction on that section of road.  Apparently, due to their outstanding idea of packing large pieces of broken concrete into a floodplain that has a lot of ground water under it and using their extensive brain power and educations, it has not moved for at least 100 days and they are now able to continue their work of joining communities together and fix all the traffic problems within the Truckee Meadows with their little project.  The Coalition had brought this to the attention of the Corps and others, and the Corps was the one that agreed with the plan of packing down and waiting for stabilization.  All those degrees and they think this is going to work!

Next, at the end of October there were several rain events that RTC was making out to be extraordinary and unusual (which, as we all know, were not) and that, of course, there was no way for them to know that there was going to be minor flooding in the construction site but again, of course, all their redundant safety measures worked and there was no issues with soil contaminated with mercury getting out even though all their sani-huts were underwater and spread sewage everywhere (they will tell you that they did not work on that extremely windy Friday before the storm but they are sure that Sani-Hut did and cleaned out the huts before they flooded and they are sure that the sewage that was found on site either came from Sani-Huts upstream in some other construction site or the cows did it)...(with toilet paper). Generators with fuel and possibly some fuel storage tanks were also under water.  But everything is fine. 70 mph winds blowing on their mercury pile followed by over a day of rain did no damage what so ever and contaminated nothing.  Believe us!

We started to receive reports that there might have been more damage due to the flooding than they were reporting.  We contacted several people and the results being that it seems the Corps did a site tour and possibly got some soil samples.  If we are able to find out anything we will let everyone know.

We are still working on some other issues and will provide another update to everyone (hopefully) soon!

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