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August 18, 2016

August 18, 2016

Once again, we want to apologize for the delay in updates.  The Coalition has been working toward getting answers to questions, and that process is predicated on when those we are seeking answers from provide those complete answers! At this time we are going to give you a partial update and hope to be able to provide you with the a more complete update soon.

First, the initial step in making sure big rig truck traffic is not allowed on Mira Loma and Pembroke has been taken by the Reno City Council for Mira Loma.  Last week the City approved designating staff time for research on this issue and we hope that this will be back before council soon, and that it is passed by a majority of council members.  Pembroke has a "no trucks" sign already on it, however we are following up with the County to make sure that is to remain in place.

Next, the Hidden Valley Newsletter had an excellent article on the Flood Modeling that we to share with you.  We were going to write one but theirs is better so we have blatantly stolen it.  But it is not the whole story.  The last paragraph before the "references" is the most important.  The Flood Project has now been tasked with getting a model of the area without the Flood Project so that the various municipalities can see the modeling of the area with the SEC but without the Flood Project.  Our sources tell us that is because they believe the Flood Projects 100 year flood plan is either never going to be built or will not be built for decades to come.

We have also been informed that the 2D modeling that we had been waiting for - the model of the area with the Flood Project and the SEC is not available at this time even though it is completed, because they want to get the new requested modeling done before they release the modeling of the Flood Project with the SEC.  We are being told 2-3 months.

So here is the article stolen from the Hidden Valley July Newsletter, written by Danielle Henderson of the Flood Project:

By Danielle Henderson, Natural Resource Manager

As reported in the March 2016 Hidden Valley Homeowners Association newsletter, the Truckee River Flood Management Authority (TRFMA) hired HDR, Inc. (HDR) to update the Truckee River Flood Management Project (Flood Project) hydraulic model using new modeling programs (2-D HEC-RAS1) and newer topographic data (LiDAR2 survey data of the river channel and overbank areas).
HDR recently developed a proposed conditions (with-Flood Project) model that incorporates the Southeast Connector roadway project managed by the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC). This model was developed to evaluate the potential impacts of the Southeast Connector on the proposed Flood Project.
Development of this model involved revising the Flood Project terrain to include components of the Southeast Connector; such as the roadway embankment, bridges (at Short Lane, Mira Loma Drive, Boynton Slough, and the Truckee River), numerous culverts, flood storage volume mitigation areas, and proposed channel modifications. Additionally, modeling methods for Steamboat Creek were revised to better simulate complex flow conditions at bridges and through culverts.
Results from this effort were presented to the TRFMA Working Group on June 22, 2016. Model results indicated a variety of changes in the 100-year Water Surface Elevation (WSE) due to the Southeast Connector:
**The WSE decreased by more than 0.6 ft in the Butler Ranch area, west of the Southeast Connector.
**The WSE increased up to 1 ft along Steamboat Creek upstream of Mira Loma Drive.
**Minor increases (<0.1 ft) in WSE were seen downstream of Mira Loma Drive (Rosewood Lakes and UNR Farms region).
**Minor decreases (<0.1 ft) in WSE were seen along Steamboat Creek downstream of Pembroke Lane.
**Minor variations in WSE (+-0.1 ft) were observed on the Truckee River.
**At the Vista Gage, peak WSE decreased slightly (0.02 ft). Peak discharge also decreased slightly (~47 cubic feet per second), and the time of peak stage was slightly delayed (~4 minutes).
Overall, minor impacts to the Truckee River 100-year event were observed within developed areas, while larger impacts were observed along Steamboat Creek. As part of its work, HDR compared this hydraulic model with the hydraulic model developed by consultant CH2MHill for RTC (in support of Southeast Connector design and permitting efforts); results between these models were fairly consistent.
Per requests from Flood Project stakeholders―including the TRFMA Working Group and Technical Advisory Committee―HDR is now developing an existing conditions (without-Flood Project) model that incorporates the Southeast Connector project. The purpose of this model is to analyze potential impacts of the Southeast Connector on the existing Truckee Meadows floodplain. TRFMA hopes this effort will help answer stakeholder questions and provide useful information to local floodplain managers.
To learn more, please visit TRFMA’s websiteand subscribe to TRFMA’s YouTube channel to watch the latest Flood Project videos.
References: 12-D HEC-RAS: Two-dimensional Hydrologic Engineering Center River Analysis System. This modeling software was developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers to perform two-dimensional unsteady flow simulations for natural and constructed channels.
2LiDAR: Light Detection and Ranging. Often collected via aircraft surveys, LiDAR is a remote sensing method that uses pulsed laser light to measure variable distances to the Earth in order to generate three-dimensional information about the Earth’s surface.
3Note that other recurrence intervals or events on tributaries have not yet been modeled.

Next, we have been getting information from several homeowners who stated that as of May 25, 2016, there was a FEMA map change from a LOMR (letter of map revision) and that some people were now in the flood plain and required to get flood insurance.  When you click on the link, there are links to "revisions" and "amendments".  We have a meeting next week with city staff to get clarification on this but it is our understanding that the mapping is from 1996 and FEMA is now releasing it as an update.  

This is an email that was sent to the Coalition from Kerri Lanza (previous Flood Plain Manager):

The LOMR was already in effect from years ago (1996),  however FEMA county-wide maps were not correctly updated to reflect the floodway revision that was accepted with the '96 LOMR.  The LOMR published in 2016 correctly reflects the same floodway (accepted in 1996) 
With this 2016 LOMR, homes were removed from the floodway as per 1996 LOMR

We are aware of homeowners who have received inquiries and/or letters from banks requiring flood insurance.  Please direct these to Jackie Schalberg (334-3858)  who will provide all the paperwork they need to demonstrate they are not in the flood hazard area.  

After we have our meeting we will be able to clarify just what this is and what it's effect is on the CLOMR (conditional letter of map revision) that is waiting to be finalized on the SEC project area.

Next, one of our Coalition supporters, Scenic Nevada needs your help!  In their fight to prevent billboard blight, they are going to City Council (was supposed to be next week however, as of today, the agenda item has been pulled so stay tuned) and we need you to sign the petition and or voice your opposition of more billboards in an email to the Council!  Voters thought this was settled during 2000 when a voter referendum was overwhelmingly passed in Washoe County.  The City of Reno then looked for ways to get around the referendum and has recently been told by the Nevada Supreme Court that they have been in violation of the referendum!  Regardless of whether or not you are in the City of Reno, blight is blight and it affects all of us so get your voice heard!

Here is an email sent to our Coalition by Scenic Nevada asking for our help in fighting this blight that could be allowed on the SEC if the industry wants billboards on it!

We’re contacting individuals and organizations to ask them to weigh in on the billboard issue in Reno.  The city council may review the digital billboard ordinance August 24 (at this time the item has been pulled but please sign the petition anyway). The agenda item was requested by Council Member Jenny Brekhus. We are trying to convince the city council to void all ordinances that allow new billboards here, digital billboards included. Often we’re told the opposition to billboards is limited to Scenic Nevada. But we think there is enough support from  the community today to convince the new city council to carry out the people’s vote to ban new billboards, which became law in 2000.  
Hoping you agree with us that billboards lead to clutter and blight and new ones should be banned. If you do, residents of Ward Three (and all City wide wards and the County) need to call Councilman Delgado (334-2012) and ask him to vote to support the billboard ban passed so long ago, but never enforced. We think a personal phone call from his constituents means a lot. If you can’t call, we’re hoping, as individuals you could do any of the following:
•        Share our post links below on your personal and organization Facebook pages
•        Pass this email around to office staff, friends or neighbors or other groups you know might be interested
•        Come or send a rep to the meeting Aug. 24 to speak on behalf of banning billboards, or
•        Send a letter to the Reno City Council

The Reno City Council meets on the issue Aug. 24.(pulled at this time) We don’t have a time certain but the mayor said she would try to hear it about 4 p.m. This might only be the first meeting (or the digital billboard item could get bumped – you never know). But, we’ll keep you posted.

Here’s a link to our recent alert that gives all the reasons to ask for a billboard ban: http://hosted. verticalresponse.com/816909/ 10e2e5aaaf/TEST/TEST/

Here’s a link to our petition post on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ ScenicNevada

Here’s a link to our homepage with more info: http://www.scenicnevada.org

We realize some people don’t like to load up their personal Facebook pages with advocacy stuff, so no worries there or bombard their office and neighborhood friends also. So, we appreciate anything you are comfortable doing.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Thank you Stakeholders!

More to come on this and other issues in our next update!

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