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February 7, 2016

February 7, 2016

The Coalition has been working toward steps that would lead to the completion of our short term goals of banning truck traffic on Mira Loma and Pembroke (with the possibility of other roads), getting all above ground hazardous wastes sites marked for public awareness, an emergency plan when a breach of this hazardous site occurs, and restricting development in the remaining federal flood storage areas, wetlands and open space.  

On February 2nd, Ward 3 Neighborhood Advisory Board member Jay Kolbet-Clausell made a great, initial and cursory presentation to the other NAB members to seek their support in recommending to the City Council that they implement and pursue these steps for the safety of the entire community.  After the presentation, there was a recommendation that a more in-depth presentation be made to the NAB to provide them more information on these measures.  As soon as this is scheduled we will let everyone know.  The Coalition is also pursueing other avenues to bring this to the attention of the City of Reno.  

Thank you to Jay for his work on this and other initiatives that he is spearheading for the betterment of Ward 3!

Just an FYI to those who might be interested - Ward 3 is down to 9 NAB members from 13.  There are 4 positions available on the NAB and it would be excellent to have more representation on the NAB for our communities.  Please click HERE or on the link below to find out about the NAB and get an application if you are interested in helping our communities!

Our friends and neighbors in Hidden Valley are holding an event on February 18th!  They are holding a forum on the flood project and the guest speaker is Executive Director of the Flood Management Project, Jay Aldean.  Everyone from all over our area is invited to come!  Discussions will include:

Latest info regarding the Project
Potential Fees for building the Project
Possibility of FEMA remapping 
and more.....

The event is being held by the Hidden Valley HOA and here are the particulars

February 18, 2016
6:30 pm
at Hidden Valley Elementary School
on Alphabet Drive
(Pembroke to Tamarisk -north to History)

Please make sure to forward to your property managers to see if they can send out an email blast to your entire communities!  Everyone is encourage to come and get up to date information on the Flood Project!  If you don't live in an area with electronic availability to all your neighbors, we encourage you do let your neighbors know somehow!  

On another note, the eagle pair that have been coming to the wetlands in and around Steamboat Creek were sited several weeks ago for a brief time and have not been reported to be seen since.  

It is unfortunate that McCarran by UNR Farms is no longer available to pull over and watch wildlife like coyote, Great Blue Herons, Marmots, Turkey vultures, various birds of prey like Red Tailed Hawks, Kestrels, Coopers Hawks and Bald and Golden Eagles and other wildlife is no longer an option.  In the brilliance of RTC - they have made pulling over to bird and wildlife watch there impossible, so those who have been doing this for more than 40 years (like many Coalition members) have lost that opportunity.

More to come soon.....

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