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October 14, 2015

The Coalition has found out that the maps that were released last week, WERE portions of the CLOMR that was required by the City of Reno before construction could begin in Reno (which starts just south of Pembroke in the Rosewood Lakes Golf Course).  WE ARE BEING TOLD  that the CLOMR's offical release could be this week so that means as soon as it is finalized RTC could have Granite begin work in the Rosewood Lakes Golf Course.

We had a meeting late last week with Joe Coudriet of the City of Reno to try and get an explanation of what was going on with the CLOMR and here is a synopsis of what happened:

We felt like we were at a very nice, and polite, and trying to be helpful, shell game.  We would ask specific questions and get one of the following responses.....I am not sure what that is; let me show you on this map (which he would then proceed to show several maps and give convoluted explanations to what was being shown); or, that is not what I understood so I will have to get back to you on that, or, where did you get that information?. 

He showed more than several different maps that had all kinds of cross hatching that he said were in layers and then would proceed to try and tell our representative what the layers meant, then half way through on some of these he would say " WAIT, I have a better map!" or "WAIT, let me show you on this other map!"

The only thing that he seemed very clear on, is that there is no one going to be put into the "Flood Plain" (despite the email and list we got from Kerri Lanza, which he said he did not know what that was) but there were some properties going into the "Floodway" however they were only 3 parcels on the Butler Ranch North and one BLM parcel that he said RTC would have to buy due to the increases in flood elevations (If he was understood correctly).  When we tried to get specific information on what exactly was studied by the FEMA contractor, he would say that it was the project area, but was unclear if that included Phase 1.  Additionally, he can't give us the CLOMR yet (which was a binder of about 8 inches thick) because technically the CLOMR has not been released.  He also showed the Coalition a CLOMR from 2008 (binder about 4 inches) for the South Meadows area, but did not know if that included the Damonte Ranch area which is further upstream.  He said the 2008 CLOMR indicates that there are no increases in the surface water elevations in that area (which is just at South Meadows Parkway, the southern terminus of the SEC) and in fact there are supposed to be decreases.  HOWEVER, he did show the Coalition on one of his famous maps, notes he had written that showed the decreases in the South Meadows area, but the further north you go the more the flood surface water increases until when you get to the Truckee it is quite a significant increase.

He was also informed about the Master Plan Amendment from the 1990's that abandoned the road that was still in effect and that we have a letter from the developer's attorney telling the developer that they can now begin to tell people that the road will never be built so they can purchase their homes with good conscience, and he said he had been told that everyone in Rosewood bought their homes knowing that the road was going in.  We said, you mean the city did not tell you the whole story?  Imagine that.

Just a reminder of the following meetings:

Councilman Oscar Delgado is going to be holding a town hall to address these map issues.  This meeting is SEPARATE from the meeting that is to be held by the City of Reno to answer questions on these maps.

​Set your calendars for 

So, Councilman Delgado's meeting is set for 

Thursday October 15th
5:30 pm 
at Dodson Elementary School on Houston Drive 

He is to have City Staff available to answer questions on the letter and maps.  EVERYONE in the public is invited even if you live in the County.

This next meeting is the Open House the City has scheduled that will have city staff to answer questions is set for
Friday October 23rd
between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm
at Neil Road Recreation Center at 3925 Neil Road

It appears that this Open House is probably in a format that we are all familiar with which is some maps on easels, and people to answer questions and no formal presentation.

October 19th is fast approaching.  This is our court date at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  For those who can attend here are the particulars:
OCTOBER 19, 2015 
9:00 AM
Courtroom 2 
James R Browning US Courthouse
95   7th St. San Francisco, CA

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