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US Army CORP General Reevaluation Report for Truckee Meadows Flood Project

Here is the link to the General Reevaluation Report for the Truckee Meadows Flood Control Project.
Public review
McKinley Art Building
925 Riverside Dr
Wednesday June 12
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Sparks City Council chamber
legislative Building
745 Fourth St
Wednesday June 19
1:00pm to 3:00pm
The new reevaluation project involves modifying the original Truckee Meadows project.  The part that affects us is most evident on pages - figure 5-5 after page 5-16; page 5-2 alternative plan 3 selected; pages 5-9; page 5-16
The levees that were going to be constructed to protect Rosewood Lakes development are now being proposed not to be built.  Only levees on the North side of the Truckee River will be built.  This will cause more flood waters to go South.  The Corps solution is to raise or "flood proof" every house in Rosewood Lakes plus others for a total of over 700 houses and several apartment buildings and to relocate some businesses.  It is not clear who will bear the burden of this cost.  My house currently does not require flood insurance because it is high enough not to require it.  It is in the 100 year flood zone.  But due to the Corps planned change, the Corps will now cause my house to be more at flood risk.
page 5-9
"The project will increase the water surface elevations within the Truckee Meadows area as well as the downstream reaches of Steamboat Creek, Boynton Slough, and the North Truckee Drain. This increase in water surface elevation is due to the loss of storage in the floodplain. That is, construction of the proposed line of protection along the north side of the Truckee River results in the loss of storage in the commercial Sparks area which is removed from the Truckee River floodplain. This will result in an increase in water surface elevations of 4-8 inches for events between 2% and 1% ACE in EIAs 10-15. "
If you want flood insurance (and because of potential additional flooding due to the levee on only the north side of the Truckee River) you will need to raise or "flood proof" your house. When you go to sell your house the banks will require flood insurance because of this new proposed plan.
page 5-16
The District considered several options for NFIP compliance and determined that non-structural methods including house raising would likely be the least-cost option on the south side of the Truckee River. Through coordination with regional FEMA staff, it was verified that raising the first floors of affected residences above the new base flood elevation would comply with the NFIP regulation. Approximately 764 homes and 128 multiplex apartment buildings would need to be raised in the area south of the river. Additionally, four commercial structures and three public buildings would also need to be raised or "wet flood-proofed" with closures and sealing. Figure 5-5 identifies the land parcels with structures that are estimated to require raising or flood-proofing. The preliminary cost estimate to raise and flood-proof structures for NFIP compliance on the south side of the Truckee River is $172 million. For the north side of the Truckee River, a 400-cfs capacity pump station on the North Truckee Drain with an outfall to the Truckee River would be the least-cost option. The estimated first cost for the pump station is $23 million. Therefore, the total estimated minimum non-Federal costs cost for NFIP compliance is $195 million.
This of course will (if not already) affect the value and sale of your house due to this impending "Flood Protection" plan. 
I don't see any flood protection in this plan for our association.  Everyone who owns a home in our association needs to be informed of this potential change and the dates of the public review meetings.
We are going to pay for flood protection due to the additional tax because we are in a flood plain but we are not going to get the protection.  Homeowners in our area will most likely bear the economic burden of raising or flood proofing our homes, buying flood insurance, AND paying additional taxes without any of the benefit of this Flood Protection Plan.
Mary Anderson

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