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Public Comments at Reno City Council - April 17, 2013

April 17, 2013
Reno City Council
Agenda Item – General Public Comment
Good morning, my name is Kimberly *******
At this time, I would just like to make some general comments about development.
I have been before this council more times than I can remember.  More times than I should have had to, to protect upper south east Reno.  I have reasoned, I have stated facts, I have begged for your help to protect us, I have threatened,…. but one thing I have not done is ever come up here and not given you a good enough reason for denial of yet another project that will strip away just a little bit more of our “protection”. 
UNR Main Station Field Labortory, Reno Nevada“Protect the Protection”.  I never even knew that’s what I was doing until I heard that.  I guess it does not seem like you’re destroying that “protection” when you only do it 10 to 100 acres at a time.
**** This is what you have done to us since the flood of 1986.  Just around the farm.  Out of all those dots maybe five have any flood retention or detention on site.  Each of these dots that are in Reno were brought before Council and deliberated and approved with blessings and good wishes with almost no thought of what you are doing to us. 
South Meadows area, Reno Nevada
****This is everything you have done to us since 1997.  Everything that was approved here is mitigated to protect them only.  So what did they do?  They channeled all their water to us.  Faster too.  All this was deliberated and approved with blessings and good wishes with almost no thought of what you are doing to us.    
I have no doubt that later you are shortly going to approve another item that will strip away just a little bit more of that “protection”.  You can’t deny them now; you already gave first approval to UNR just a few weeks ago.  It’s practically guarantied that you will give UNR second approval today.   But these guys aren’t going to wait to develop.  Most likely they will be out there next week clearing ground.
I have been trying to remember the last time you denied something in upper south east Reno……yeah, I’ll have to get back to you on that. 
I have come before you and stated many times, people have died in every flood that we have had around here since records started being kept in 1864.  Accidents?  Most likely.  Ignorance? Absolutely.  But you can’t claim that.  Since 1997 this body has worked, on one hand, for the protection of the people of the Truckee Meadows.  (Or was it for the protection of Downtown and the Airport?  Sometimes those lines get blurry don’t they?)   
But on the other hand you have never met a developer you didn’t like.  Especially in the flood plains of this town.   My goodness, we can’t let flat land go to waste can we?  What an abomination!  So here we are 16 years later and we have a fraction of the flood plain that we had in 1997.  Do you even realize that the majority of what you have done to us is for the benefit of people who do not even live in our area? 
You wonder why people don’t come to the NAB’s anymore?  At least in Ward 3?  Because you don’t care.  You listen, you placate, then you do what you had always planned on doing and approve whatever comes down the pike in upper south east Reno.  Sometimes, if we are lucky, you will add conditions that staff says will benefit not just the development, but those that surround.  Lucky us if that works.  
When the next person dies because of what you have done, it will not be just the price of development.  It will not be involuntary manslaughter or negligent homicide.  You have deliberated and made your choices, sometimes over a period of time, but you have always chosen development, and that will be pre meditated murder.

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Tony Chadwick on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 1:36 AM
My house was built in 1986 ABOVE the 100 year flood zone - not so any more. In 40 years the flood level has risen over 2 ft and the catchment area is still being built on; the up and coming SE Connector being the prime example. If you want proof then take a look at the RGJ pictures of the airport flooding in the early hours of 1997 with 3.5 ft of flood waters interrupting flights, closing the airport and impacting revenues for airlines, airport facilities, franchises and employment. If you want another indicator of things to come, take a close look at the 'new' Hidden Valley fire station accommodation built with some 3 ft of elevation ABOVE the area that was barely touched by the 1997 flood and ask yourself why! What do they know that we don't? Well for one I would guess that they consider the SE Connector a DONE DEAL and with NO allowance for flood plain alleviation. For what reason - a handful of traffic that has been grossly overestimated with studies that took place when house building and population was growing rapidly - LONG BEFORE the recession took hold and the cost of commuting sky rocketed with increased gas prices (by the way did you know that our gas prices include a tax for building the SE Connector - falsely advertised by the RTC as "... making jobs for Nevadans" when much of the work has been assigned out of State). The voter was definitely 'conned' into that one. Bottom line - we DONT NEED the SE Connector, given the $500- $800m cost and 2% of Reno population that will use it then that relates to each commuter getting a $200,000 handout for using it - YOU paid for that in your gas purchases - and that is just to build it! Add to that maintenance and clean up of potentially poisonous air pollution, interruption to business and additional damage to property the first time it floods. I am still at a loss as to why this road is being built unless there is some other commercial benefits to land owners that adjoin the road and no doubt will develop gas stations, convenience stores, advertising etc., without making adjustment for flood control of course. I can envisage a 20 year cycle of shutting down the airport, disrupting businesses and creating unemployment just to help a handful of individuals get to work some 10 minutes earlier. As I said before - it makes no sense to me, no real benefit to commuters, the analyses of the needs are seriously outdated and only a minor part of the population will use it, a major impact to the flood zone, a high risk of air and river pollution locally and downstream Truckee River during construction, destruction of wild life habitat (I know it is personal but I will sorely miss the nesting bald eagles) and it will cost $500m - $800mm plus for the 'pleasure'. Surely we could use the money for better purpose in the Truckee Meadows. One last thing: Don't trust what the RTC say. They promised a review of the road route and came back with a preferred one that did not impact the flood zone (East of the hills behind Hidden Valley). They then dismissed the recommendation saying that they only did the study to placate the residents affected by the road construction.
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Gerry Conway on Thursday, August 15, 2013 9:43 PM
Since the South East Connector Road is going to bring additional vehicular noise, exhaust pollution, possible flood problems, and reduction in property values, I'm sure the SEC supporters (especially politicians) would never have permitted this road to be built where they live. Their reaction would be identical to ours: Not In My Back Yard.
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