UPPER SOUTH EAST COMMUNITIES COALITION, INC - Environmental Preservation Group in Washoe County

About Us
The Upper South East Communities Coalition, Inc in Reno Nevada, was formally assembled in 2010.  But we have been active in our communities much longer.  The Upper South East Communities Coalition, Inc which is a registered non-profit corporation comprised of members from all over the Truckee Meadows (which we consider Stakeholders), active decision making participants of six very active HOA's and one organized subdivision that is not an HOA (these are our Working Group Members), and up to seven members volunteer individuals approved by the Working Group who have voting power for the entire organization and they are our Board of Directors.  We represent thousands who live with the knowledge that the areas we live in that have the last remaining wetlands in the area, have some of the most environmentally fragile open spaces which are subject to flood and is heavily contaminated with toxic chemicals.   
We are active and committed to protecting these wetland and open space areas and the "protection" provided by the undeveloped flood plain.
In the past The Upper South East Communities Coalition counted on City government to help us to "protect the protection" (which are the undeveloped flood plains) but that has proved to be a false hope.  We now count on each other to work toward solutions that will help us "protect the protection" of the flood plains, the open spaces and the wetlands we live by and in. 
We do that in a number of ways.  A priority is being active in the development process through the City governments, we also attend meetings, write letters, do research and generally get our voices heard.  We work to make sure that development in our collective areas are, to name a few:
  • needed
  • are environmentally compatible
  • protects open spaces and/or wetlands
  • will not impact existing communities and business through increased flooding
  • that mitigation is met or exceeded, and that developers follow through with requirements that are set.
  • and testing is done to determine Chemicals of Concern (COC's) locations and density

Our Mission Statement indicates that we, The Upper South East Communities Coalition,  want to make sure that there are not significant detrimental impacts to the wetlands, open spaces and the flood plains due to out of control and unstudied development that will impact surrounding communities and businesses through flooding and