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Mission Statement
"Working with community partners to educate and inform the public on the
value of open spaces, wetlands and flood plains, along with the benefit of wildlife in the environment of Washoe County."
 The Upper South East Communities Coalition, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation.

For the protection of
Open water ponds
Flowing creeks
Native Vegetation

Wild Horses
Bald Eagles
Golden Eagles
Other Raptors
Great Blue Herons
Dozens of Migrating Waterfowl
General Wildlife

In Washoe County

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Steamboat Creek - Beautiful - Photographer William (Billy) Howard

The Upper South East Communities Coalition began as an ad-hoc group (with no formal name) many years ago after learning that Washoe County and the City of Reno approved the largest destruction of wetlands in northern Nevada to build a housing development.  Destroying over 100 acres.  For information on the loss of critical wetlands in the U.S. visit

Several years later we worked to stop a development of over 1300 houses on 216 acres of wetlands, open space and floodplain.  The exact area that is in the picture below.  

We then have worked to require an Environmental Impact Statement on a road project called the Southeast Connector.  After many years of working toward that requirement through city government, the Army Corps of Engineers and federal courts, our Coalition was not able to have that requirement implemented but we take comfort in the fact that the road that is being built is far more environmentally superior than the road that was originally proposed.  

We are now working to protect the remaining flood plains and wetlands from development.

Steamboat Creek at Mira Loma - this area will be destroyedThis is just one portion of a 4.5 mile destructive project that will destroy wetlands, impact floodplains and impact wildlife to include the "taking" of Bald Eagles and most likely the rounding up and sending to auction (slaughter) wild horses (that are not on federal 
land and are not federally protected) that roam in the area.  This exact spot is to be destroyed and a six lane highway is to be placed here.

Please view our slideshow below to see just some of the many species of wildlife that roam in this 2000 acre area.

An additional factor that determines our involvement in protecting this flood plain and wetlands are the significant issues regarding Chemicals of Concern (COC's) in the area.  The Upper South East Communities Coalition is particularly concerned about the significant amounts of methyl mercury and arsenic.  This heavily contaminated soil, that rests mostly stagnant, is in the pathway of the Southeast Connector (SEC) and there are plans to take over 20,000 pounds of this hazardous material, dig it up and place it as fill under the SEC.   They are building a "floodable" road with hazardous waste underneath it on a floodplain that is in FEMA designated floodway and in a federally and locally designated flood storage area.  We are constantly monitoring this project to make sure that requirements are being met.  

Please visit our Mercury/Contamination's page to learn more of this dangerous component, that is a factor in this project and read the EPA's public comment to the RTC's 404 permit application.

Our current issues are now to protect against development in the flood plain and in the remaining wetlands and to require testing for hazardous materials when any future action is proposed.
If you are interested in helping us, The Upper South East Communities Coalition, to make sure that any future project is not environmentally damaging, go to "Contributions" or "Events" to consider a contribution, find information on fund raising events and to see how you can become involved in actions to help. 
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Upper South East Communities Coalition Inc
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This effort is funded entirely by contributions from people who care about open space, wetlands and floodplains!

We are a non-profit 501 c3 Environmental Preservation Organization

Mission Statement
"Working with community partners to educate and inform the public on the value of open spaces, wetlands and flood plains, along with the benefit of wildlife in the environment of Washoe County."
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