UPPER SOUTH EAST COMMUNITIES COALITION, INC - Environmental Preservation Group in Washoe County
Mission Statement
"Working with community partners to educate and inform the public on the
value of flood plains as protection against the loss of homes and lives in
flood events, and to protect and preserve the open spaces of Washoe County "
 The Upper South East Communities Coalition, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation.
Do you ever wonder where water goes?  When it rains, it flows off your house, it flows down your driveway and along your street and into storm drains.  Do you ever wonder where it goes from there? 
Living in the Truckee Meadows you can be sure that the majority of it ends up in ditches, sloughs, streams, creeks and rivers.  But when there is too much of it, what happens then?
When there is too much water it ends up being stored on a flood plain.  The Truckee River has a pinch point where I-80 goes through the canyon where the Virginia Range and the Pah Rah Range meet.  Its called the Vista Reef (or Narrows).  If there is too much water, and a flood event occurs, this causes water to back up into the flood plain. Click to enlarge - - Vista Reefs - Where the Truckee River goes between mountains into canyon on right
The last remaining flood plain available for flood storage is the UNR Main Station Field Laboratory, the Rosewood Lakes Golf Course, and the Butler Ranch North.  This totals about 1600 acres.
Click to enlarge - - Butler Ranch North (near), Roswood Lakes Golf Course and UNR Mainstation Field Lab (top)
In addition to the Truckee River (which runs west to east) flooding, the Steamboat Creek (which runs south to north) runs right through these areas  of UNR, RLGC and Butler Ranch, and has its own historical flood events.  There are about eight creeks and one slough that drain into Steamboat Creek, so water that falls in the hills eventually ends up draining to upper south east Reno.
Click to enlarge - - Steamboat Creek (center running south to north.  To include Browns Creek, Galena Creek, Jones Creek, Whites Creek, Thomas Creek, Dry Creek, So. Evans Creek, Alexander Creek with Boyton Slough
Those of us who surround, and live in, the last of the flood plain in upper south east Reno have come together to work on saving our "protection" (which is the flood plain).  By the way, it's not just our protection, its protection for the entire Truckee Meadows.
Click to enlarge - - SEC Phase II Preliminary Alignment showing project spans Steamboat Creek and wetland areas July 2013
                                Phase I - black area on right, Phase II yellow areas
There have been many development projects in this area over the years.  Many that should never have been built.  Almost all with no mitigation onsite to protect existing residents and business from the displacement of the water that was once stored there.  One of the projects that we want to make sure is in the "right" place, before it is built, is the Southeast Connector road.  Is this the "Least Environmentally Damaging Practical Alternative"?  We don't think so.  The entire thing is being built in the FEMA designated "Floodway".
Additionally there are significant issues regarding the Chemicals of Concern (COC's) in the area.  Particularly the methyl mercury and the arsenic.  This heavily contaminated soil rests, mostly stagnant, in the pathway of this project.  The Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County plan on moving this heavily contaminated material around for months with the final use to be fill under their roadway.  Please visit our Mercury/Contaminations page to learn more of this dangerous component to this project and read the EPA's public commentto the RTC's 404 permit application.
If you are interested in helping us, The Upper South East Communities Coalition, make sure that this project is not environmentally damaging, and is "in the right spot" go to "Contributions" or "Events" to consider a contribution, find information on fund raising events and to see how you can become involved in actions to help. 
See below the groups and organizations who support an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) to make sure this project is where it needs to be, then, please come in and visit "About Us" and read our story.
Thank you!
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This effort is funded entirely by contributions from people who care about the "protection" of a flood plain.  Please Consider a donation TODAY!
    We want to thank all who signed our petition!  We have approx 1000 signatures to submit to the Army Corps of Engineers!    
Upper South East Communities Coalition Inc
Public Comment to the Army Corps of Engineers for the 404 permit application on the Southeast Connector Road Project
Public Comment (PDF — 4 MB)
Public Comment Exhibits (PDF — 10 MB)
For privacy reasons we have not included, for viewing here, the letters and the petition that included names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mails.  Included were letters from 4 HOA's and one non-HOA community, and 13 homeowners.  Also included were approx 1000 names on our petition.
Thank you everyone!
In Support of an Environmental Impact Study:
  • Rosewood Lakes   
  • Hidden Valley                             
  • Heron's Landing
  • Roseview
  • Hidden Meadows
  • Eastside Subdivision
  • Millcreek
  • Donner Springs Mobile Home Park
  • Scenic Nevada

Upper South East Communities Coalition, Inc.
Board of Directors:
Kimberly Rhodemyre, Chair
Wayne Sievers, Vice Chair
Richard Odynski, Treasurer
Yvonne Nordmyer, Secretary
Douglas Wachholz, Director
Eric Cole, Director
John Saludes, Director